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    Winged Eyeliner Stencils

    The Pro Go Eyeliner Stencils by Beth Bender Beauty was recently relaunched with new improvements to help consumers and makeup enthusiasts draw the perfect eyeliner every time. Beth Bender Beauty is to alleviate the frustration associated with eyeliner application.

    To eliminate the stress of making both sides even, the beauty brand offers an adhesive eyeliner stencil for those on the go. Ideal for a morning makeup routine, the Pro Go Eyeliner Stencils are made from high-quality and gentle medical-grade adhesives that are hypoallergenic for maximum comfort. The stencil <a href="https://cali” > sits on the outer corner of the eye to allow users to fill in the eyeliner space with ease. Once the wing is drawn on, users can simply peel the stencil away.

    Image Credit: Beth Bender Beauty

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