Nick Cannon Reveals If His 11 Kids Spend Time Together

Nick Cannon Reveals If His 11 Kids Spend Time Together
Nick Cannon
Apr 2023

Nick Cannon is opening up about his life as a dad to 11.

While promoting his new morning show, The Daily Cannon, which debuts on Amp later this month, the 42-year-old star shared some details about navigating fatherhood, and revealed if his 11 kids, who he shares with six different women, all spend time together.

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Nick told People that it "works a lot better" for him to spend individual time with his kids rather than getting them all together. He also said that all 11 of his kids come together "when necessary," but he feels the "only person that would benefit from having everyone in the same space would probably be me."

"I feel like qualitative experiences are when I can give everyone their own individual experience," Nick explained. "I actually love stepping into their world. Going to their sports games or giving them their personal time for the holidays. So I have no problem with bouncing around."

Nick shares 11-year-old twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, with ex-wife Mariah Carey. He also shares sons Golden, 6, and Rise, 6 months, and daughter Powerful Queen, 2, with Brittany Bell.

With Abby De La Rosa, he shares twin sons Zion and Zillion, 21 months, and daughter Beautiful, 4 months. With Bre Tiesi, Nick shares son Legendary, 8 months, and with LaNisha Cole, he shares daughter Onyx, 5, months.

Nick and Alyssa Scott share two kids - son Zen who sadly died at 5 months old in December 2021 after being diagnosed with brain cancer, and daughter Halo, 3 months.

While the kids are still young, Nick thinks they'll all spend more time together when once they get a little older.

"I think as everyone probably gets older, and even as I slow down a little bit more, I'm sure everyone will start coming to me in one place," Nick said.

"I actually think it works a lot better [right now]. Because everyone's busy, not just me," Nick continued. "It works to be able to take the time trying to go to them and show the value of being with them and not forcing anyone to come to me."

Nick also recently revealed the famous ex that he wishes he started a family with.